Former Prisoners’ Complaints to Putin: Unfulfilled Promises After Joining Ukraine War

Former Prisoners' Complaints to Putin: Unfulfilled Promises After Joining Ukraine War

Some folks who were once in prison joined a unit called “Storm Z” to fight in Ukraine. But guess what? Now they’re back in Russia, and they’re not too happy. They’re saying the promises made to them are not being kept, and they’ve decided to complain to the leader, Vladimir Putin.

Joining the “Storm Z” Unit

So, these people were in prison before, and they got recruited into a unit called “Storm Z” to fight in Ukraine. After doing what they were asked, they expected some things in return. But now, they’re not feeling like they’re getting what they were promised.

Complaints to Putin: What’s Going On?

Now that they’re back in Russia, these former prisoners have some complaints, and they’ve decided to tell Putin about it. They say they’re not getting the money they were promised, they’re having trouble getting important documents, and they’re not being recognized as combat veterans.

Video Appeal to Putin

To make sure Putin hears them, these former prisoners made a video where they talk directly to him. They’re saying it’s hard for them to get important papers, especially ones that show they were combat veterans. They’re not happy about struggling to get social services, and they’re not seeing the three million rubles they were supposed to get, according to a decree made by Putin.

Not Getting Agreed-Upon Salaries

One big issue is money. They say they’re not receiving the salaries they were promised. When you do a job, you expect to get paid what was agreed upon, right? But these folks are saying it’s not happening for them.

Missing Combat Veteran Identification

Another problem is about being recognized as combat veterans. This is a big deal because veterans usually get special treatment and respect for the tough job they did. But these former prisoners are saying they’re not getting the recognition they were promised.

Struggling with Essential Documents

Imagine needing important papers but having a hard time getting them. That’s what these folks are going through. They’re complaining about the challenges in getting documents that prove they were combat veterans. It’s causing them frustration and making life more difficult.

Promises in a Decree: What Went Wrong?

They’re also talking about a decree made by Putin. A decree is like an official statement from the leader. In this decree, it was promised that these folks would get three million rubles. But now, they’re saying it’s not happening, and they want to know why.

Expressing Frustration and Challenges

In their video, these former prisoners are expressing how frustrating it is to face these challenges. They thought that by joining this unit and doing what was asked, they would get what was promised to them. But now, it seems like things are not going the way they expected.

Waiting to See What Happens Next

Now, we’ll have to wait and see how Putin responds to these complaints. It’s not easy when promises are not kept, and these folks are hoping their concerns are heard. We’ll keep an eye on what happens next and hope for a fair resolution for everyone involved.